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Support for Sky+HD Rev 9F remote control

As advised on the previous page, the codes we have listed on our web site have been tested and confirmed to work in GENUINE Sky+HD Rev 9F remote controls.

In the event that your Sky+HD Rev 9F remote control does not accept the code we have supplied, in the first instance please 'reset' (see 'B' below) the remote control to the original factory settings. (after the reset, the remote control will still operate your Sky+HD box).

Before doing so, we suggest you try the code once more.

A) How to programme your Sky+ HD Rev 9F remote control

  1. Press TV
  2. Press and hold the 'Red' button and 'Select' at the same time. (the Red indicator light at the top of the Sky remote will flash twice)
  3. Enter the 4 digit code for your make/model of TV.
  4. The red indicator light should flash twice to confirm the code is accepted
  5. Press 'select' again to store the code.
  6. The Sky remote will now operate the TV. (On some functions, you may need to press 'TV' to put the remote into 'TV mode')

B) If you are 100% sure you have a Revision 9F remote control but it will not accept the code, please follow the instructions below on your Sky remote control to re-set it.

  1. Press TV
  2. Press and hold Select and Red until the LED flashes twice
  3. Press 999

Once you have reset the remote, try programming the code once more as per A) above.

If after all of the above, you are still unable to programme the code, please press the following buttons on your Sky remote and take particular care to note the exact qty blinks the Red LED light on the Sky remote gives back to you.

  1. Press TV
  2. Press and hold Select and Red until the LED flashes twice
  3. Press 9-8-3
  4. Press 1 - count LED blinks
  5. Press 2 - count LED blinks
  6. Press 3 - count LED blinks
  7. Press 4 - count LED blinks

The 4 digit code you get back in the 'blink back' should be 3-1-6-4.

If your remote 'blinks back' a different code, it's highly likely it does not have the Revision 9F software/firmware. In this instance, please refer back to where it was purchased from.

If you do get a 'blink back' of 3-1-6-4 but the code we have supplied does not operate as it should, please complete the online feedback form here.  Please only complete the Feedback form if you get the Blink back code of 3-1-6-4.

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